Teenage is that phase of everyone's life when we feel that we are going to make the whole world ours. Everything needs to be about us. There is so much in life to explore & try and we are going to have it all whether right or wrong. We want to try lots of things like- living away from family on our own, making lots of friends, having a girlfriend or boyfriend, going on trips with friends, late-night parties, trying smoking and drinking, doing anything which makes us feel thrilled because obviously, it seems cool in our eyes and also of our counterparts. It's a crazy period in which we feel fired up about things. It’s lively, passionate, intense, exciting, thrilling and what not. So here are five pieces of advice that I have learned from my juvenile phase. After all, learn from the mistakes of others. You can't make them all yourself. [Usher]

Advice No.#1 Don't get swayed with the glitter

At this age, whether you are in college or school, you are going to see things and people who are going to influence you. You see the most popular girl in your class and crave you could be her. You see a gorgeous girl or a good-looking guy and nothing matters to you more than how great you will look with them and then how special will people treat you. Mostly at this age, it's not about emotions, it's just about being in the race. Well, the tip here is that don't take all the glitter too seriously because down the line it is not even going to matter, you are not going to remember who was popular or care that what that attractive boy or gorgeous girl is doing in their life. Well, sometimes you will feel like checking their current life on social media but it will be rare and will not affect you much.

Advice No.#2. Don't try too hard

Don't ever try to fit in places or be with people just for the sake of a better social image because deep down it is not going to make you feel content and after the phase ends you don't want yourself without even one true friend. Through this phase make sure to make some lifetime of friendships, perhaps have just two friends but the bond should be strong. Don't try to become a person you are not and essentially the one you don't want to be.

Advice No.#3. Don't waste time in overthinking

This wonderful phase has its side issues too, the hormones within want us to do something all the time. We can't sit calm as it feels like wastage of our precious golden years. Honestly, it's fine if you are going to stay at home during your summer vacation and not do much for a month. Relax. You are not going to lose much, but make sure to not make it a habit. You can't have it all, watch tv, engage in hobbies, spend time with folks, dance, sing, in short just relax. Don’t think that people of your age must be doing fabulous things right now, probably they are as directionless as you’re if not less.

Advice No.#4. Learn to embrace your unique personality

Teenage is a time when you are excessively self-conscious. You worry about everything, from your hair texture to your number of friends on facebook. The most crucial advice to all dear high on hormones friends is to please accept yourself, tell yourself that's it's ok to not have beautiful lips or hourglass figure or six-packs. You are special, you got something which others don't have and besides, you don't have any idea about how psychologically vulnerable those people are whom you admire. Become fit from your mind, else all will fall into place. Just say- I am this. and I am fine with this. I love me and I don't care about what anybody thinks. If I decide to change it will be my decision and not others. I can’t make everyone happy, so it's better I make at least myself happy.

Advice No.#5. Invest your time in something productive

By far the most obvious yet the most valuable advice will be to use your free time in learning something- learning anything. If you have hobbies, well you are already fortunate to have something to work upon, but if you don't have anything on your mind right now then you should try internships from home. various sites offer great internships, you just have to google them. You earn, you learn and you use your time sensibly. It's a complete win-win situation.

So what are you waiting for, live it when you have it. And by living I mean to see yourself growing every moment and not just waiting the day to pass.

Success is not just existing. Success is making it to the end of why you were born. [Myles Munroe]

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