The types of guys you should never date

He is charming, humble and mature. He is definitely the one. After three years down the lane of constant fights and arguments- broken off and questioning how could I ever fall for a guy like him. Ever been there? Well, to avoid such circumstances again, let's understand what are the kinds of guys you should never date.

Number 1- A guy who shows no gratitude

A guy who doesn't understand the concept of saying a simple 'thank you' can never appreciate your presence in his life. A token of thanks to the shopkeeper, taxi driver or the waiter shows that he is a man of manners and understands someone's importance in his life. A guy who believes he should not show courtesy to someone as they take money in return, I just want to ask him- 'Do you have feelings, bro?'

Number 2- A guy who is never sure.

You have been together for three years, but he is still uncertain about whether he sees a future with you. He is a wonderful guy, he cares for you, but whenever you ask about the future, he says what's the rush, we will think about it. The most helpful in this situation would be to stay clear in the beginning about where you both stand on delicate matters like this. You don't want to waste your precious years on a guy who was never sure about you but is now happily living with his wife whom he knew for only three months.

Number 3- A guy who is never there for you

He doesn't care about your birthday, anniversary or achievements. He has time for his friends, but when it's about you, he wants his space and doesn't want you to suffocate him. You are with him but deep inside you still feel lonely as he is not there to wipe your tears or cheer you up when you are upset. He wants you there for him always but doesn't reciprocate citing personal space idiocy.

Number 4- A selfish guy

When his beauty sleep is more important to him than your safety or when his party is more important than your exams, then run sister run. If he is selfish around everybody, even his friends, then there is no way he will change for you and if he is like this only with you, then what in the world are you doing with him. He will always keep his interests above you, maybe even when you are dying.

Number 5- An arrogant nutcase

He tells you what to wear, how to walk, how to behave, he wants to change everything about you because he is a proud human who just wants things his ways. He is not hesitant in using mental or physical abuse to get through his ways. In his own little world, he is the king and wants everybody to bow down to him who is under his influence. Only if you like someone to take all your decisions and want to live as a slave you should go in a relationship with this person else you are smart enough to know what to do.

Don't rush into something only to regret it later afterall good things take time. Be patient and know your worth.

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve, and bad things are very easy to get.

- Confucius

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