Short suspense stories- Part1

Updated: Jul 14, 2020


Nidhi was busy in the kitchen cooking dinner when suddenly the bell rang. She went to the door and opened it. It was Veer, her husband. He never used to come so early, and also of late the things were not fine between them, so arriving this early was kind of confusing for her. Because of her headstrong nature, she didn't even bother to ask and went back to the kitchen. She was tossing vegetables when Veer came in and just said from behind- "I want you to know I love you a lot, things are not going right and I never wanted things to be like this between us. You are my most precious belonging, and I don't want to waste my life fighting with you. Please let's forget everything and start fresh."Nidhi listened to everything and turned back. Veer was joining both of his hands pleading to her. She couldn't bear seeing this and rushed to hug him. She whispered into his ears with tears in her eyes, "I am sorry, I love you. I know I am stupid, I am a horrible person. Please forgive me." Veer hugged her tight. The night was beautiful for both of them. Early morning Nidhi woke up and turned to face Veer. She smiled, gazing at his cute sleepy face and was happy that everything was normal between them. She kissed him on the forehead and went to the kitchen to make coffee for her. It was her daily routine. She sat in front of the sofa, switched on the TV and started enjoying her coffee. She began shuffling channels when suddenly she stopped at one news channel feeling she saw something familiar. The news spokesperson was speaking- "Near Krishanganj a young man aged 27, got killed in a road accident. According to the identity proof found in his wallet the person is identified as Veer Narayan. Police are trying to contact his family but are not able to contact anyone so far." The passport size snap of Veer was being shown on the side panel. Nidhi's eyes became wide, blood rushed through her head, the cup dropped from her hands as she fainted.


Adina had always been a calm child. A shy and adorable girl whom everybody loved. She loved dolls and had a massive collection of her own, but she had an uncanny habit of separating their body parts and painting them with weird sketches. Her family found it eerie yet they relished her ghastly talent, they didn't pay much regard to what she was drawing. Several years later, there was a news article stating- 'A young girl, aged 19, killed her parents, dismembered their body parts, poked their one eye out, broke fingers and neck. She is currently traceless.'


"I love this teddy. Please buy it for me." Pleaded Rhea. How could Vikram have said no to such face, especially when they were on their honeymoon?

"You are a big girl now. You should stop playing with teddies." Teased Vikram.

"You know what, once my uncle convinced my parents to not buy a new bicycle for me. He died the very next day." Rhea had said with a serious face.

She had burst into laughter the very next moment looking at Vikram's scared face.

And today it's been 2 years since Vikram is missing. He went to the office one day and never returned. No trace, no leads.

The only thing known was that Rhea and he had a small fight night before his disappearance regarding a dress Rhea wanted to buy.

"According to their family and friends, it was a normal couple fight, they shared a loving relationship."

Police said. Nobody knew the truth.


Riska has just shifted to her new rented house. The city was new for her, but she decided to make her stay worthy. The accommodation was well furnished, and Riska had said yes immediately she saw it. The most she loved was the view of the massive barren backyard. It gave her a rusty nostalgic feeling, and she would sip her tea or read a book by the window. But it was strange for her that there were no houses nearby, but anyway she didn’t have time to make friends in the neighborhood due to her time demanding job. One day while leaving for work she saw a man in her backyard. She was scared and started dialing 911, but the man saw her and started coming towards her. She got terrified and started running towards the door, but it was locked as she was the one who locked it last night while going to sleep. The man came near her and spoke, "So you are the one whom people are calling the witch in the city?"

Riska was terrified, and what came from the man's mouth startled her.

She asked, "Witch, what are you talking about, and what the hell are you doing in my backyard. I have already called the police, and they will be here any minute. Don't even think of hurting me."

"Your backyard? Mam, the owner of this house, and his family was murdered and buried here, so no one is ready to buy this house. Why did you agree for it? "


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