Updated: Jun 20, 2020

“Hey, where are you going?”

Aakash looked back and saw a beautiful girl in a suit. She is probably a local. Aakash thought, looking at her dressing and naturally glowing skin.

“I am going to the Chamba temple, all my friends are there. Actually I had to get our car filled with fuel. Left the car in the market. What about you? Where are you going?”

The girl came on par with him and said with a beautiful smile. ‘I live nearby. I just went to the forest for some wood.  Where have you come from?“

“I am from Ranchi. I must say your place is so beautiful. Never saw something so raw yet so beautiful.”

“Haha. well if you have come so far, do visit Raahat ghar. I live in that area. It’s very peaceful there. My family will love to have you. They love it when tourists visit us.”

“Oh really. Well, I am here for one week. I would definitely visit your place. I am missing home food anyway. however, talking about a peaceful place. I really think this whole region is peaceful. I mean look there is no one on the road except a few cars or buses. If it has been a city I would have been looted thrice till now.”

“Haha..well welcome and enjoy your stay. I will leave you here because I have to take this turn. It was nice to meet you Akash and do visit us. bye.”

Aakash said bye with a smile yet heavy heart. These 15 minutes were so wonderful. He really craved to see her again.

On reaching the temple, the first thing he asked guide was to take them raahat ghar the next morning.

The guide looked a bit confused and asked  “Sir why you want to visit Raahat ghar. Did you know them?”

“Know them? what do you mean? I just heard from someone that it's a beautiful place so I just want to see it.”

“Sir someone may have joked with you. Raahat ghar is a house turned into a crematorium. A family apparently killed itself after their only daughter was brutally raped by a tourist.  They allegedly invited him for dinner in their house but it turned out a nightmare for them. Her name was Raahat.”

Akash couldn't move. All of a sudden he remembered that Raahat already knew his name even he never told her. A cold vibration ran through his spine.

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