Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We daily meet many people in our lives who love to give their precious comments on anything and everything. They think it's their prime responsibility to at least say a few words on the plight of others.

"Do you know boss scolded him, he deserves it." "She is so fat why don't she joins a gym. " "He talks too much, he is so stupid" and on and on and on.

Well, It's not peaky to have a judgment. We meet people, we form an impression about them, that's fine till here, but the actual problem starts when we start sounding off our materialized views and hurt others by telling them what we hold about them. Suppose you believe that someone's English is not proficient so he should forget about seizing a high-profile white-collar job, then you don't need to tell him that. You don't know about his potential, maybe he is learning the language or maybe he is capable enough that his English will not become a hindrance in accomplishing his goals. You don't know, you never know. So at least you shouldn't discourage him with your harsh words.

Everyone bitches, maybe it's in human nature, and to some extent it's acceptable. But when we become obsessed with other's life, the worries start.

If you are from India, many of you must have overheard this stuff in your family- "She did love marriage and now she has come back to her parent's house after getting a divorce. She deserves it. If she would have married as per her parent's choice then this would have never happened." People who have no idea about the back story start judging her life. Certainly, she married that man because she believed in him and it's not her mistake if he turned out to be an asshole. Okay, let's even believe that it's her blunder but who provided you the liberty to talk on it. It's her life and only she or her family has to go through the distressing times. You were never there earlier for her or them, nor are you today then keep your precious judgments to you and give them a rest or maybe get a life yourself.

I wonder how can we become so judgy while other people are in the dock but when the sides are changed, boom, let's start explaining every one.

Rightly said by John Mark Green, “The self-righteous scream judgments against others to hide the noise of skeletons dancing in their own closets.”

It's the 21st century. It's high time we quit judging others and start considering their viewpoint before proclaiming our 'not-so-thoughtful' thoughts. We don't need to become moral police. Let's begin making this world a better place. If you don't want to help them, it's definitely your decision but at the same time, you also got no power to talk ill about them. They are already in a miserable situation and whether they deserved it or not is not our right to judge. Life has so much to endeavor, so why not to concentrate on things that make our lives better rather than making ourselves feel good by belittling others.

Let's make this world a more logical place and rather than walking on others to grow, let's shoulder each other and arise collectively. After all, isn't this life all about?

“It's easy to judge, but much more difficult to serve.” Orrin Woodward

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